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Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is life...

When you woke up every morning ;

=> First thing (today's work!)

    => Slowly from bed go to bathroom (sometimes feel like want to crawl only)

=> No appetite for breakfast when remember a lot of work awaiting.

    => Arrived at office & doing our job.

=> Awaiting till lunch time. (Really hungry)

    => After take lunch......~~~~~~

=> when 5.30pm. keep looking at the clock. tik tok tik tok

   => wahhh... time's up!. going back with smile.

=> at home talking with family like forget about tomorrow.

==>> then start back @1 <===


Note : When you meet Friday you will happy like there's no monday.
          But if you think Monday you will surrounded by black aura everyday... :-D


  1. i loike .... "selagi belum mampus, kerja..kerja ... " filem apatah