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Friday, December 21, 2012


What did you think about the word of ‘Selfish’?

First we take from the positive side of selfishness.

a) Just to be ensure that we have self defence.
b) To move further than others.
c) Show that we only have positive ‘aura’ and others unable to bring us down.
d) Never show our flaws.

Negative side of selfishness.

a) Self defence that make we saved but others........
b) We move further but we have to push down others.
c) We need to hold off so that others never see other side of us.
d) Never showed our flaws only make others depend to us more and more.

Summary :

We should know our limit because for me selfishness never brings self satisfied. 

I just thinking that people who are too selfish just wanna show that they are PERFECT in all ways!

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