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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Endless Saturday!

✉ ding dong... ding dong... someone outside the window... someone that I knew... someone who came with a cheerful face.. that someone is one of the important person in my life. All that we have through together always make me smile at the end. Even when we arguing, our relationship will never break.

For a long time we didn't see each other.  Now she's coming with something. A card.. Marriage card on Saturday. I'm glad because she make a decision.  Because she never think about herself first.  Family and friends come first than only herself. Nothing ever changes about that.

Yesterday is the most valuable day. I wake in an early morning even I knew the marriage at 7pm. I was thinking to bake some cake for her.  Something that I made myself.  I can be proud of that, the valuable of present is not 'RM' but how sincere you are.  I'm really satisfied even it just a cake not a oven.


Honestly i'm not the one decorate but my brother, i'm just make it.  Such a happy day. She's become a model for all night.  Keep taking a picture with everyone who came.  Just  really nice scene!

To be there I was able to meet all ex-workers.  We really close each other. I meet them, we keep talking about the past, present and future.  With a beautiful laugh.  Just really miss all the things that we have done together.  At the end I came back home at 10pm. Quite early because I bring my mother so I can chat too long, I don't want to make my mother wait.

Because of you I can survive, You make proud of you and myself, from start I never thought that this relationship will last long because you and me, our personalities is really different. Thanks for being my dearest friends and make my side full of a person who know how to appreciated me. ^^Thanks my friends^^

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