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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome December ~ The End Of Year

Well it's december already. And everyone sure have their own story on December. Same here I will share the things that me love december at the same time dislike december but not hate it.

End of Year is called december. No matter how many years we have overcome our journey there's always have december in it.

I love december as a woman because there's Year End Sales. Huhuhu... Which girl doesn't like shopping as long you have money shopping is one of our way to release tension. :-)

I love december as a worker because there's a increase & Bonus. :-)

But it's quite stress when december coming because there's so many statement need to be done and submitted. I getting hard at workplace when I meet december. Even december can make me smile its also can be pain.

The worst things is not only to me to everyone who read my post. Because our age add +1.... We need to prepare ourself because we not getting young. Seriously we didn't even knew what will happen in the next day. So just pray and make the day starting with Bismillah. In Shaa Allah everything will be okay.

Have a nice sleep. Nite.

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