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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Heirs Episode 16 ~~ Full of tears!

What a tearful episode... I keep crying while watching T_T.... Its too sad. Can't wait to see what will happen to Eun Sang & Kim Tan. How will Kim Tan survived without Eun Sang.

On this episode Kim Tan father take the actions on relationship between Eun Sang & Kim Tan. He's give a choice to Eun Sang. First is to go away from Kim Tan life and choose which country that she prefer without seeing Kim Tan. Second Eun Sang will get to Kim Tan in two week, after two weeks she must disappeared by Kim Tan side and Kim Tan father will choose which country that she will stay.

Eun Sang prefer the second choice it's better since she can meet Kim Tan.

However Kim Tan get caught on what happen between Eun Sang and his father. Kim Tan meets Eun Sang at scholl and clarified it with Eun Sang.

Kim Tan ask Eun Sang to believe him. As he said that he will confront with his father.

The most sad ending is while Kim Tan attend meeting for shareholder his father already sent off Eun Sang. He's father even said "Do not forget this day. For the price of sword that you used you lost her".

Kim Tan being left behind by Eun Sang.

There's no preview for the next episode. Just wait and thinking what will happen next.

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