Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Heirs ~~~ Ep 14 progress....

The Heirs Episode 14 is quite unbelievable. Relationship between Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang is getting more more interesting....

The way Kim Tan protect her and her will to always by Kim Tan side as supporters.  However Kim Tan sure know when the right time to become supporter to Eun San especially when Eun Sang telling the truth of her identity to the whole class.

Kim Tan knew how to respect Eun Sang decision same as Eun Sang who understand the pain that Kim Tan need to bear. As for Rachel & Yoong Do there's no more secret can be hold to became a 'trump card'.

As been said by Kim Tan 'He thinks there's no way to keep the relationship between him & her even as a friends. The last things that he said to Rachel 'Don't talk to me even in the future.'

Young Do is a nice guy who actually regret the things that been happen in the past between him & Kim Tan. He's like a nice boy that act like bad boy. He never have any intention to reveal the truth between Kim Tan & Eun Sang. He's always around Eun Sang because he like her and try to protect her. He know no matter how hard he try Eun Sang will still reject him.

Lastly for one of the lovely couple & I think most of the viewer like this couple after Kim Tan & Eun Sang. Chan Young & Lee Bo Na they have their own way to treat Kim Tan & Eun Sang.  Because of them this drama is nice to watch. They doesn't need to be a Main Role. Just be as they are also can take many attention same as the main role.

However im patiently awaiting for the episode 15. Hope Kim Tan can make his father believe him & he's brother willing to accept him to make a perfect family. 

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