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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review Love Rain Episode 11 & 12

I just finished watched Love Rain.  And I keeping crying start from ending ep 11 til episode 12. T_T but such a nice drama. I love Yoona character as Ha Na in this drama. Looks innocent and pretty.

JGS as Seo Jun... Nice appreance. Never seen him like that. Such a new face. Looks really naughty. First part in ep 11, will keep smiling with the way both if them communicated.  Then when Seo Jun know that Ha Na mother was his father first love, he's don't know what to do.  End of this episode Seo Jun ask Ha Na which is important to Ha Na. Her own love or her mother love??  --> keep watching if wanna know.

Ep 12 wil bring ending of relationship between Seo Jun and Ha Na, but for the both parents a new relation just begin.  Ha Na unable to let Seo Jun hand off without reason.  If Seo Jun really need breakup, Ha Na needs to know the reason... --> the ending will make you more more excited and waiting because this time Ha Na will know that Seo Jun is son of In Ha.

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