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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 8 Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Synopsis by Softy

E asks D: arang – what happened to her? D: she fell off the cliff so what do you think happened to her. E goes after her
J hides with arang and watches E ride off
E wonders: amnesia – where did you go?
E yells out arang’s name
J asks looking at a sleeping arang: what are you so that person gave me those orders?
Mu young asks: do you know who that is? Jades: it’s not important who that person is. Mu: that does girl arang have any connections with this
E’s mom sees J being friendly with arang and says his name in an angry tone
J: until I know what she intends to do I wont give that girl over
E walks over and yells: what are you doing over there?
*I just knew J would fall in love with arang. this is going to be sooo good for E to have some competition for her affections
There’s no question that Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah have electrifying chemistry, so, it’s my wish that the romance between Arang and Eun Oh would be nurtured as much as the overarching mystery that’s driving the narrative. The initial attraction (lust) was there, and quickly, the two settled into a relationship that resembled more like an overly comfortable bickering couple. But the part about falling for each other has been overlooked, taking a backseat to peeling back this drama’s mysteries.
I still love everything about this show, but kickstarting the romance will make me love it more. :) We may get that in the next episode, with Eun Oh clearly becoming jealous of Arang and Joo Wal, but I’d rather not see the OTP fighting again.

Credit to :- Oh Kpop

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