Friday, September 16, 2011

6 Trick Di Website Google

6 Trik In The Google Website That Make You Smile
Wanna see google website dancing? Google Website also can be like magic ball. Google Website could not be a witch... Right???.... All of this have a own trick. How you wat to do.. Let see...

1. Google Sphere
Go to google > type Google Sphere > Press I’m feeling lucky.

2. Find Chak Noris
Go to google > type find Chak Noris > Press I’m feeling lucky. 

3. Reverse Google
Go to google > type elgoog the inverted word google > Press I’m feeling lucky.

4. Google Loco
Go to google > type google loco > Press I’m feeling lucky

5. Google Epic
Go to google > type google epic > Press I’m feeling lucky.

6. Google Gravity
Go to google > type google gravity > Press I’m feeling lucky.

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